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Seminar Fisika ITB oleh Prof. Paul A. Pearce

Seminar Fisika ITB oleh Prof. Paul A. Pearce


Yang-Baxter Integrability in 2-d Classical and 1-d Quantum Models

Prof. Paul A. Pearce

School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne


Senin, 6 Maret 2023, 11.00 WIB, Ruang Staff Baru Fisika

Link zoom: https://bit.ly/fisika2023

Meeting ID: 945 9522 8414

Passcode: fisika

Live streaming: https://youtube.com/c/physicsitb/



This is an introductory lecture on Yang-Baxter integrability in the context of statistical mechanics. Local relations are used to set up commuting single row transfer matrices on the cylinder and double row transfer matrices on the strip. Algebraically, integrability in these models is underpinned by the Temperley-Lieb algebra. We focus on the critical behaviors and the polymers and contrast their critical behaviors and the properties of their associated Conformal Field Theories obtained in the continuum scaling limit.


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