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Laboratorium Komputasi

Laboratorium Komputasi

The Department of Physics Computer Laboratory (UPK Lab) is one of the educational facilities in Physics Department. It is located on the second floor of the Physics Department administrative building. The lab is managed by a laboratory head and is assisted by a technician. Meanwhile, to facilitate practicum, the lab is also assisted by practicum assistants who are senior students that have passed practicum of computation courses. The laboratory room with a capacity of up to 24 people provides state-of-the-art desktop computers to support computing practicum activities.

Every year the UPK lab serves an average of 100 students. The students are divided into groups of 15-20 persons per session. A desktop computer is available in the lab for each student to use during practicum session. The practicum modules are designed so that students can understand physics modeling and its numerical implementation. In addition, students are expected to be able to carry out computational analysis in a structured and scientific manner.

The lab is used to serve the following courses:

  • FI-3201 Computational Physics
  • FI-4002 Simulation and Modeling of Physical Systems