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Program Learning Outcomes

The programme learning outcomes (PLO) for the graduates as follows:

  1. They are able to demonstrate their knowledge of classical and modern physics by identifying physical properties of a physical system.
  2. They are able to formulate a standard physical system into a physical model by using mathematics.
  3. They are able to solve problems of a standard physical system comprehensively by the use of mathematics and computational tools.
  4. They are able to analyse a physical system by applying mathematics and computational tools/ICT.
  5. They are able to design and conduct experiments in physics or related physics areas, and to acquire, analyse and interpret the resulting data.
  6. They have a basic capability in oral communication and in writing scientific report in an appropriate scientific style.
  7. They are able to work effectively, both individually and in group.
  8. They are able to apply knowledge of physics to broader areas/interdisciplinary problems.
  9. They have basic characters of a good scientist.
  10. They have an ability to improve their knowledge and be able to continue their study in a higher degree program.