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Program Studi Sarjana Fisika telah Terakreditasi Internasional dari ASIIN, Terakreditasi "Unggul" dari BAN-PT, dan Tersertifikasi ISO 9001:2015 dari QSCert About Covid-19 Lokasi Hand Sanitizer More

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Longevity Republic of Indonesia.
First of all, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Chancellor and the leadership of the University of Padjadjaran who have responded to our invitations and requests in a responsive and thorough manner, for more synergy in improving higher education services for the community.


Scientific Group

Earth Physics and Complex Systems

The study of physics concepts includes the development of concepts and methodologies used for observation, processing, modeling, interpretation of response functions and their applications in human life.

Instrumentation and Computational Physics

The Instrumentation field focuses on developing instruments and control systems for physical quantities. The control system developed is based on the Internet of Things (IoT).

Physics of Magnetism and Photonics

The field of photonic materials and technology research is focused on the development of non-linear optical and photonic materials, wave-based optical periodic systems, light sources for information technology and telecommunications applications and optical sensors.

Electronic Materials Physics

Solid matter physics is one of the fundamental approaches to studying and understanding the properties of materials and their functions in a device.

Nuclear Physics and Biophysics

Research in the field of Biophysics consists of physical mechanisms in bio-systems (molecules, cells, organs), biophysical irradiation and medical physics. Topics covered include molecular biophysics (function – structure relationship, basic principles of biochemical reactions, bioluminescence and biosensors).

High Energy Theory Physics

Research activities in the field of High Energy Theoretical Physics and Instrumentation (FTETI) are grouped into two main streams of research; research in the theoretical aspects of fundamental physics, and research on physical instrumentation.

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